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Longer Burn Times
Emits Negative Ions
Synthetic Free

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  • Create your own custom gift set or choose from our seasonal recommendation to discover your favorite scents.

Bright | Floral | Herbaceous 


  • Our new scent, Gental, is here with the decadent aromas of pure geranium and sandalwood.

Fresh ​| Floral​ | Calming


  • Ease the mind in wonder and beauty with this harmoniously balanced lavender and dark patchouli — a floral and meditative aroma year-round.

Resinous | Woody | Citrusy


  • Rejuvenating lemongrass and peppermint are uplifted by sacred Palo Santo from the Ambi Albi tribe — a unique blend that cleanses and promotes energized clarity and focus.

Trim | Light | Snuff


  • Maintain a healthy flame. Each Candle Care Kit includes a wick trimmer, snuffer, and complimentary 3" match set. Remember to trim your wicks to about 1/4” for longer and more carbon-neutral burns.

Cozy | Spicy | Nutty


  • Revel in a comforting and warming blend of cinnamon and frankincense — a sophisticated combination for autumn through the holiday season.


I have to have these candles burning in my home! My ambiance is not complete without the clean burns and natural scents. No soot ever with these!

Opens up my third eye and really makes my air feel fresher and cleaner. The scents are present but not oppressive and the purifying components are a great change from headache inducing chemical fragrances. Cleanest candles.

I have recently started using Selise candles and all I can say! I am blown away by the sleek elegance of the candles, the luxurious ambiance from the gentle glow they provide, and the refreshing fragrances they give off!! I cannot wait to restock!

It makes me feel like I can easily meditate throughout my day. My boyfriend loves the minimalistic look of the candle. I'm glad to have it in my space now!